Monday, September 28, 2015

The future of real estate market in Bangalore seems brighter compared to other cities in India

Bangalore - India’s most preferred destination for new business start-ups, software employment, higher education and entertainment is also the most sought out destination for real estate investment. Bangalore has done fairly well in Real Estate Segment by offering amazingly low prices in plots compared to its counter parts such as Mumbai, New Delhi and NCR region. Let’s take a closer look as to why Bangalore sets itself apart as compared to other metropolis of India.

Bangalore is experiencing a higher absorption rate in spite of extended slowdown in economy. The net absorption rate seems to be higher in new launch category where 13,400 units have been absorbed in Q1 2015 compared to 11,170 units in Q1 2014. In the other segments, net absorption rate seems to increase to 8,310 units in Q1 2015. Thus there has been an increase of 15% on net absorption rate compared to last year which is higher compared to other cities.
In commercial segment too, Bangalore is leading with an absorption space of about 11.1 million square feet as against India’s absorption space of 36.8 million square feet.
Bangalore is flooded with new startups everyday giving rise to ample employment opportunity. It is also the top paying Indian city with an average salary of around Rs. 5 Lakhs/annum which gives more purchasing power to the individuals.

Bangalore has availability of the land unlike Delhi which is not able to extend itself further. Bangalore is extending over 25 kilometers from the center of the city as the road connectivity is at its best. The other major reason for Bangalore’s growth is Namma Metro train that is connecting the entire periphery of Bangalore city to the nerve center of the city.

Apart from software companies Bangalore is also a hub for defense, engineering, biotechnology and textiles. According to a survey by a Spanish firm, Bangalore is amongst the top 20 places to start-up the business in the world.  Bangalore is on the highway of development attracting many new businesses and thereby occupying more commercial space which again gives rise to residential communities like sites and plots at affordable prices. Thus the fairy tale of Bangalore being the no. 1 city of India and the world is soon transforming into reality.  


  1. It is really valuable information for the people who are looking for the good return on investment. Nowadays people are running fast in their busy life and they don’t have time to spend on their dream house. Hence all are preferring to buy flat to avoid spending time in construction. However today I came to know the reality that plots are having high return on investment comparing to flat. Please update such kind of valuable articles often.

  2. It’s true that Bangalore is growing as a start-up hub and so the real-estate market is also prospering day by day.

  3. ofcourse, now Bengaluru is having a 20th position in fast developing cities in the world. If this development goes in the same way within decade Bangalore will be in the top 5 cities list.


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