Monday, October 17, 2016

Steel Flyover Vs Public Protest Vs Karnataka Government

In recent news regarding the construction of the proposed steel flyover in Karnataka has come down hard by local residents and opposition leaders. The steel flyover which is beginning from Chalukya Circle till Hebbal flyover which is proposed to help the traffic congestion this city faces. But several online petitions and public interest groups have been asking the government to reconsider the plan. Development Minister of Bangalore KJ George tweeted about the significance of constructing this flyover. He even posed questions and asked the Bangalore Development Authority on how the steel bridge would help and impact the environment.
The report states that the section of road between Basaveshwara Circle to Hebbal, a total of 6.7 km is one of those roads in Bangalore constantly busy and congested during peak hours. The existing land use pattern is such that horizontal widening of existing road is practically not possible.
The other reason for this proposed flyover is to make it signal free. To reduce time and delay, to increase travel speed, to cater to future project traffic, to cater for airport bound traffic and to cater to unhindered traffic from NH-7.

Government decision on the flyover is that a lot of consideration was taken before this conclusion was made. Even the Chief Minister of Karnataka Siddaramaih has defended the stand on the steel flyover. The Chief Minister replied in a cheeky manner when was asked on why an insurmountable amount of money (1791 crores) is being spent for this flyover, his reply was Will you fly to avoid the traffic congestions in the city.
The residents of Bangalore who have initiated the anti-steel flyover movement is that not only an large amount of money is wasted but also it would be a cause for concern for the environment as close to 812 tress will be knocked down to build this project. But Development Minister KJ George has vowed to plant 6000 ornamental plants to compensate for those tress felled.

Opposition groups such as Rajya Sabha MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar’s Namma Bengaluru Foundation and Bangalore’s prominent citizen such as actor Prakash Belawadi, noted architect Naresh Narasimhan and urban expert Ashwin Mahesh have all voiced their displeasure. Bangalore urban Minister KJ George has welcomed the opinion of the public through his twitter handle @thekjgeorge.
It remains to be seen what will be the fate of this proposed steel flyover as public and various opposing parties clash with the government. There are several social media campaigns like traffic free Bangalore to collect public opinion are also running in the city.

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