Monday, February 8, 2016


The BBMP has recently lost a 10, 889 sq. ft. park in the Koramangala V Block. This has been the Verdict of the City Civil Court after a five year long suit that the BBMP fought with a private party Pratap Kumar Reddy who is a resident of Jayanagar who had been claiming that the land belongs to him. He also produced relevant documents to prove it. 

The experts say that even by a conservative estimate the land would cost or is worth around Rs. 20 crore at least. The BBMP however said that it has plans to approach the higher court against the judgement of the City Civil Court.  But although said there isn’t any movement noticed by the BBMP that has been noticed in these five months. Although there are opinions   that suggest that BBMP did not attempt to win or did not put the necessary efforts to win the case.  

Vishwanath Kashyap of the Task Force of the Koramangala Infrastructure wing blamed the advocates of the BBMP saying that it is the mistake of the lawyer who did not plead properly. The reason he cited was that the plaintiff claimed that the Beauty spot was survey number 32/ 16 and not 23 which is the area of the actual plot. He further said that the BBMP should have clearly stated that he did not have any stake in survey no. 32/16. He said the case would have ended there but went on for five long years.  

The XXVI additional City Civil Court Judge Mallappa Veerappa Jadar gave the verdict issuing a permanent injunction against the defendant, their agents and the henchmen and they will be refrained from any kind of interference of peace with the disruption of peaceful possession and the enjoyment of the property unless the plaintiff is evicted from the property by the due process of law. 

On the other hand the BBMP claims that the BDA (Bangalore Development Authority) owned the land originally and was in physical possession of the property but handed it over for maintainance and for the land to be developed in to a park or a beauty spot. The Mayor B N Manjunath Reddy opined that it has been brought to his notice and he is aware that BBMP has lost the possession and ownership of the land to a private party.

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