Wednesday, December 16, 2015

HSR Layout – The hot spot of Bangalore Realty market

HSR Layout is one of the most sought after areas of Bangalore. It is one of the most planned layouts also of the IT capital of India. The layout was developed by the Bangalore Development Authority in the year 1984 and the market watchers opine that in the early years of the preceding decade the area has witnessed a lot of development. In the last few years the area has developed in leaps and bounds and has improved in terms of connectivity and also in the terms of growth of the commercial as well as the residential real estate. Many residents preferring to reside in the southern part of Bangalore chose HSR layout as their preferred spot. The place is also closer to the IT hubs and the land plots in the vicinity of Outer Ring Road are also spotted with many of the IT companies. 

Growth Stimulators of HSR Layout 

No wonder the area has witnessed a healthy demand from the IT dominant population working in and around the ORR and the demand of the 1, 2 and 3 BHK apartments in the area has been in steady rise. Let us discuss the main growth stimulators. 
First comes the location: The strategic location of the place is one of the key factors for the accentuating demand of land in the area. The ORR, Silk Board, nearness to Bannerghatta Road and the Central Business Districts of the city are few of the reasons for the rise in demand of the area. Not only the ORR the area is also very near to Hosur Road and Electronic City as well which supplies many of the prospective residents desiring to stay in HSR Layout. 
Superb Connectivity: HSR Layout is connected with all parts of the city through the ORR and also through Hosur Road and the Bannerghatta Road to the Central Business Districts of the city. The BMTC bus services also connect you to the farthest corners of the town.  The ORR leads one straight to the International Airport too which is 55 km away.  
Demand of Commercial space: The trend watchers opine that there is paucity in the availability of office space in the central business districts of the city owing to which there is an increased demand of office space in the HSR Layout owing to the strategic location of the place. The trend watchers have noted that a space of 2000 sq. ft. to 4000 sq. ft. has been mostly in demand in this area. 
Planned layout with proper Infrastructure: HSR Layout is a planned area with greener patches and gardens in the residential areas making the place the resident’s delight. The infrastructure of the area is second to none and is on the rise owing to the demand of the office space and residential spaces in equal proportions. There are ample schools, colleges, educational institutes, hospitals and all that you would require for a comfortable living at a cozy distance from any area of wherever you are in the HSR Layout. 

The Price Trends 

Although the trend of prices of real estate in HSR Layout in the recent time is on the rise but it has gone through a steady and healthy rise of capital appreciation in the last few years. According to the reports of the survey firms, consultants and aggregator sites the impression one would get is that the future prospects of the place are too good. At this present moment the average price of a square feet of an apartment in HSR layout is Rs. 5, 200. The higher demand in the area has also surged the rental prices in the area. A 2 BHK unit in HSR Layout can range between Rs. 16, 000 to Rs. 20, 000 but a 3 BHK can go up to Rs. 27,000 to Rs. 30, 000.

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